What Are Some Shocking Highway Crash Statistics For St. Louis?

St. Louis witnesses many car crashes and fatalities every day. Some of these people lose their lives, while others may sustain serious injuries or mental trauma. As a citizen, you must be aware of what’s going on around you and what risk you are exposed to whenever you hit the road. This post talks about auto accidents statistics for St. Louis and what you must do right after an accident.

Highway Crash Statistics For St. Louis:

If you check out different cities and their accident data, St. Louis would certainly be one of the top three places in terms of the number of car crashes, injuries, and deaths every year. Only two other cities — Detroit and Albuquerque are considered worse than St. Louis in the country.

WalletHub, a leading financial outlet, conducted a study recently and found out that St. Louis was the 56th worst city to drive in. Some of the important factors that it took into consideration include the number of car accidents, cost of owning a car, cost of car maintenance, infrastructure for safe driving, and driver’s safety measures.

In 2017 alone, St. Louis witnessed more than 57 fatalities from car-accident, a figure that’s 6.15% of the total number of fatalities that took place in Missouri. Besides, a total of 284 cases were reported in the city in the same year in which people sustained serious injuries. This number was 5.84% of the total 4,860 cases that were reported in the entire state. If you check the population data, St. Louis accounts for not more than 4% of the state’s population, which makes these accident cases way worse than they appear on papers.

You cannot change these rising cases, but you can protect yourself against any such incident by knowing what’s the right way to deal with an accident. The first step in this regard is to report the incident to a local police officer, followed by hiring a personal injury lawyer who can help you get enough compensation to cover medical bills, car repair, emotional trauma, job loss, or anything else caused by the accident.

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